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Kanye West: Kris Humphries Claiming Baby Custody Would Be ‘Grave Mistake’ Fri, January 4, 2013 5:59pm EST by ericraymitchellhl

January 7, 2013

Kim is his, saying it would be a ‘grave mistake for the NBA star to even go there! You must keep reading for exclusive details!
Kanye West is putting Kris Humphries on notice and warning the basketball player not to try to claim his child once pregnant Kim Kardashian gives birth in June, is EXCLUSIVELY reporting, even if Kris is still legally married to Kim.
“If that fool Kris even tried to pull some sh** like that, damn, Kanye would be hot as f**k and would probably go after his a** and I ain’t talking about in court, either,” a source connected with the prolific rapartist tellsexclusively. “That would be some foul…sh** for someone to even think about doing and I, for one, would hope and encourage Kris not to even try to pull some bullsh** like that.”
Celebrity Child Custody Battles
Of course, the last time we saw such an ugly child custody battle was in 2007, involving the late Anna Nicole Smith ‘s infant daughter, Dannilynn, in which photographer and true baby daddy Larry Birkhead and Anna’s husband , Howard K. Stern , battled in court over who was the real baby’s father. DNA testing proved that Larry was, in fact, the little girl’s biological dad and thus, Howard had to relinquish custody.
Kanye absolutely doesn’t want anything such thing to happen if Kris and Kim are still legally married when the baby is born in June or July.
“Kanye don’t even like the fact [Kris is] still playing games with Kim over their divorce,” our source adds. “Don’t forget that because Kanyehasn’t ( played games with Kris) and now that Kim is about to mother his child, he wants him to let her go and get the fu** on!”
Chime in on Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy drama,

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