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Family isn’t everything after all..

NET has gathered, from multiple sources, that there is major crisis in the HKN Gang; the popular record label that attained overwhelming fame and success in 2012 may have been bitten by the recent ‘break up’ bug and might lose two of it’s popular acts B Red and Sinarambo.

After working together as a music crew for close to a decade, there are very strong indications that popstar Davido ‘Davido‘ Adeleke is parting ways with his pop singing cousins (his father’s elder brother’s sons) and label mates, Bayo ‘B Red‘ Adeleke and Sina ‘Sinarambo‘ Adeleke.

NET sources say tension has been building among the cousins for a while ‘but B Red and Sina have been playing it cool’. Apparently, the lesser known cousins now want out.

Sources tell us a big fight allegedly ensued between Davido and cousins B Red and Sinarambo some weeks back in Atlanta – The cousins had accused Davido of not doing much for their careers as much as he should after they chose him as the label’s front line act. They also accused him of not giving them a chance to fully promote their new singles only to overshadow them at any given chance.

Some years ago before Davido, B Red and Sinarambo relocated to Nigeria to fully pursue their music careers, the trio had been working in Altanta, US as a music crew called B International. Sinarambo was the frontline artiste with Davido only handling music production. B Red, a very talented drummer assisted with verses.

Then Davido began pursing a singing career seriously, broke out as a solo artiste and decided to return to Nigeria in 2010 to fully launch a music career. Starting off HKN Gang with his elder half-brother Adewale Adeleke aka Chairman HKN, they added (as only expected) B Red and Sinarambo to the team and approached M.I‘s manager Abuchi Ugwu to manage him.

Abuchi however turned down the offer (he is credited to mixing and mastering Davido’s monster hit song ‘Dami duro‘), Davido met up with a very enthusiastic Asa Asika (Asa in December 2012 parted ways with HKN) and well, the rest is history. The team planned to push Davido first, then Sinarambo and finally B Red.

Back To The Present
As we all know Davido’s music career skyrocketed with hit songs and a debut album ‘Omo Baba Olowo‘. He was immediately placed as an A-list artiste in Nigeria, topping charts, performing in different continents, winning awards, and bagging multi-million Naira endorsement deals.

‘Now that Davido has blown, it was Sinarambo and B red’s turn, but things didn’t seem to follow again‘, a source tells NET. ‘Every time Sina or B Red released a song or video, Davido would release his own music and somehow it overshadowed theirs’.

October 15, 2012 – Sinarambo releases his much anticipated first single-video ‘Ijo sina‘ feat Davido.

October 17, 2012 – Davido releases ‘Gbon gbon‘ off his ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ album.

February 8, 2013 – B Red releases first single ’Insane girl’ feat Davido.

February 25, 2013 – Davido releases controversial single ‘Gobe’.

Sources say the fight in Atlanta got physical after B Red and Sinarambo aggressively questioned Davido over the matter. ‘The fight damaged property in their ATL home, it started in the car and continued in the house‘.

Davido then traveled to Houston during the All star weekend to perform alongside Nas. He later traveled back to Nigeria and headed straight to Ghana for a performance.

Sources say, Sina and B Red were stuck in Atlanta (B Red has since returned while Sina is still in Atlanta). Davido’s father, we learn is now aware of the fight and has extricated the cousins. B Red we are told has also moved out of Davido’s house.

The ‘Insane girl’ singer who is Davido’s official hype man was missing at Davido’s side at two recent campus performances in the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and Ibadan (UI). He also didn’t attend Davido’s mum’s remembrance ceremony.

But Davido’s new manager Kamal (one of the guys who Dr SID says was present when he had that leaked conversation with Davido) says we shouldn’t fret. ‘There’s no problem in HKN, Sina is working with some people in ATL at the moment and B Red is cool with Davido’, Kamal told our reporter in a telephone conversation.

In related news, it is being reported that Davido has signed a upcoming pop singers Ghanaian act Deekay and Nigerian act Danagog. This could not be confirmed as Kamal could not be reached via telephone.

New Pope Francis breaks with tradition

When Jorge Bergoglio stepped onto the balcony at the Vatican on Wednesday to reveal himself as the new leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, he made history as the first non-European pope of the modern era, the first from Latin America, the first Jesuit and the first to assume the name Francis.

What do you think about the new pope? Tell us.

The new pope then quickly made another kind of history, breaking with tradition in his first public act before the 150,000 people packed into St. Peter’s Square. Rather than bless the crowd first, he asked them to pray for him.

“Let us say this prayer, your prayer for me, in silence,” he told the cheering crowd.

The willingness by Francis to dispense with tradition was interpreted by a Vatican spokesman as a sign he will be willing to chart his own path in other ways.

“We have a pope who probably upset some people tonight by not following the formula,” the Rev. Tom Rosica said.

The pontiff also broke with another tradition by refusing to use a platform to elevate himself above the cardinals standing with him as he was introduced to the world as Pope Francis.

“He said I’ll stay down here,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York and the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. “He met each of us on our own level.”

Francis, wearing white papal robes, appeared on a rain-soaked night to the throngs shortly after being elected by cardinals in what apparently was the fifth round of voting on the second day of the conclave.

“As you know, the duty of the conclave was to appoint a new Bishop of Rome,” he said.

“It seems to me that my brother cardinals have chosen one who is from faraway. But here I am. I would like to thank you for your embrace.”

As pope, Bergoglio takes the helm of a Catholic Church that has been rocked in recent years by sex abuse by priests and claims of corruption and infighting among the church hierarchy.

Catholic Latin America eyes conclave>

Conservative reformer

The 76-year-old Bergoglio, who served as the archbishop of Buenos Aires, is the first pope to take the name in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, revered among Catholics for his work with the poor. St. Francis is viewed as a reformer of the church, answering God’s call to “repair my church in ruins.”

The pontiff is considered a straight shooter who calls things as he sees them, and a follower of the church’s most social conservative wing.

As a cardinal, he clashed with the government of Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner over his opposition to gay marriage and free distribution of contraceptives.

Latin America is home to 480 million Catholics. By choosing Bergoglio, the cardinals sent a strong message about where the future of the church may lie.

According to a profile by CNN Vatican analyst John Allen and published by the National Catholic Reporter, Francis was born in Buenos Aires to an Italian immigrant father.

He is known for his simplicity. He chose to live in an apartment rather that the archbishop’s palace, passed on a chauffeured limousine, took the bus to work and cooked his own meals, Allen wrote.

Francis has a reputation for being a voice for the poor.

World reacts

Word of the election of Pope Francis, who was not considered a front-runner among analysts, quickly spread around the globe, with everyone from U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to U.S. President Barack Obama offering congratulations.

“As the first pope from the Americas, his selection also speaks to the strength and vitality of a region that is increasingly shaping our world, and alongside millions of Hispanic Americans, those of us in the United States share the joy of this historic day,” Obama said.

Ban said the new pope shares common goals with the United Nations, from the promotion of peace to social justice.

“We also share the conviction that we can only resolve the interconnected challenges of today’s world through dialogue,” he said.

Nowhere was the reaction to Bergoglio’s selection as pope more surprising than in Latin America.

“I am truly still very surprised … not just that a Latino pope came out, but that he is an Argentinian from Buenos Aires,” the Rev. Eduardo Mangiarotti told CNN en Espanol.

Calling Benedict

The new pope called his predecessor, Benedict XVI, after he was elected, Rosica said.

Francis plans to visit with Benedict on Thursday ahead of an evening Mass with the cardinals in the Sistine Chapel, according to the Vatican

Francis participated in the conclave that elected Benedict in April 2005. He was widely reported to be a runner-up to Benedict in the election.

The new pontiff will deliver the traditional Angelus blessing from the Vatican on Sunday, Rosica said.

Francis will be formally installed as pope at a Mass on Tuesday, according to the Vatican.

What’s in a name?

Bergoglio’s selection of the name of Pope Francis is “the most stunning” choice and “precedent shattering,” Allen said. “The new pope is sending a signal that this will not be business as usual.”

The name symbolizes “poverty, humility, simplicity and rebuilding the Catholic Church,” Allen said.

St. Francis of Assisi was born in 1181 or 1182 the son of a rich Italian cloth merchant, according to the Vatican website.

After “a carefree adolescence and youth,” Francis joined the military and was taken prisoner. He was freed after becoming ill, and when he returned to Assisi, Italy, a spiritual conversion began, and he abandoned his worldly lifestyle.

In a famous episode, Christ on the cross came to life three times in the small Church of St. Damian and told him: “Go, Francis, and repair my Church in ruins,” Pope Benedict XVI said, according to Vatican’s website.

Celebrities Who Accidentally Revealed Their Babies’ Gender — Kate Middleton & More

While some celebs are great about keeping the gender of their baby a secret, these celebrity moms and moms-to-be (or their loved ones!) just couldn’t keep their mouths shut — and accidentally revealed their baby’s gender!

Many celebrities choose to find out the gender of their baby, but keep it a secret from the public. However, these pregnant celebs and moms planned to keep the sex of their baby under wraps, until they accidentally let it slip — in public!

Kate Middleton Reveals She’s Having A Girl?

When pregnant Kate Middleton greeted fans and admirers at a March 5 appearance at the National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby, England, she accepted a plush gift from a well-wisher.

As she took the bear, she said, “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d–” then stopped herself before she could finish, leaving many to wonder if she meant to say daughter! She later covered her tracks by saying, “No, we don’t know,” about the baby’s gender — and later said she and hubby Prince William weren’t telling!

Jessica Simpson Lets It Slip She’s Having A Boy

During a March 6 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, pregnant Fashion Star host Jessica Simpson opened up about how much sicker she felt during this pregnancy (she welcomed daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson in May 2012) — but was the victim to some word vomit!

“The crazy thing is I never knew a wiener could make me nauseous,” she said on the talk show. Then immediately after, when she realized what she had done, she said “oh shhhh, I guess I just told the world that I’m having a boy!”

Jimmy laughed and congratulated her, in which Jessica responded with “Thank you, I’m sweating now!”

What do YOU think of celebs accidentally revealing their babies gender? Who were you most shocked by? Let us know in the comments below!

Liam Hemsworth Flies To Australia To ‘Take a Break’ From Miley Cyrus?

After weeks of split speculation, Liam has allegedly flown home to Australia. Should we be worried for Miley? Read on for all the details!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may be spending time apart, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their relationship is over.

“Miley is still upset with Liam,” a source told PEOPLE after the former Disney star was spotted without her engagement ring on March 7. “She took the ring off to make him mad.”

“It doesn’t mean that they have split. Miley says they are still together,” the source adds. ”Liam did fly home [to Australia on March 1] so they could have a break.”

Miley Cyrus Upset & Angry About The Cheating Rumors
Earlier this week, Miley was “upset and angry about the cheating rumors,” according to the source.

Liam, 23, was spotted exiting an Oscars party with sexy actress January Jones on Feb. 23. Not only did they leave together, but a follow-up report claimed that Liam was also spotted flirting with Emma Watson.

Because she’s upset, Miley is allegedly playing games with Liam and trying to scare him a bit (i.e. Miley being seen without her engagement ring).

“Miley is crazy about Liam, but sometimes doesn’t treat him great,” the source tells the magazine. “She likes things her way and tends to play games. Liam is also a strong person and that’s why they often butt heads.”

It also may not help that Miley gets wild in two new music videos, which were released on March 8.

Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. Let’s hope that’s true in this case.

What do YOU think? Is a break necessary?

MTN AND AIRTEL Nigeria unveils BlackBerry 10 data plans


MTN have revealed that the unlimited data service that had become a hallmark of BlackBerry devices in most African countries will not be offered with the BlackBerry Z10 on network.

MTN gave the warning to customers that devices running on the new BlackBerry 10 platform will not support the existing BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) data packages.

Previously there was some industry speculation that certain BlackBerry services, particularly BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), might remain unlimited even if all other data use is capped.

Older BlackBerry devices need a subscription to BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) for features such as BBM and e-mail to work.

MTN has then released three (3) data plans for its blackberry 10 devices called BB10 lite , BB10 MiDi and the BB10 Maxi . All with options of weekly plan or monthly plan. (See plans details below).

The worry about the BB10 plans is the data cap, considering that same network provider gives unlimited data to older Blackberry devices for 1,500 Naira, while for the BB10 customers will have to pay 3,000 Naira to get 1GB of data.

Today (22nd February, 2013) marks the end of the pre-ordering of blackberry z10 from MTN in Nigeria and we expect to start getting the phones anytime from now.
Pre-ordering the blackberry z10 is also available by other networks but the data plan for them is yet to be known.

Airtel, leading telecommunications service provider in Nigeria has unveiled special data bundled packages exclusively for the top notch smartphone device, shortly after becoming the first operator to sell the flagship BlackBerry 10in its shops nation-wide.

The Airtel’s BlackBerry10 (BB10) Data Plan which features three different bundles: BB10 Max, BB10 Mid and BB10 Lite, is primed as currently the best package in the country as customers get up to 1.5GB, offering more bytes than any other in the market.

The Airtel BB10 plan is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers. Postpaid customers can access the data plan by contacting their Key Account Managers or visiting the nearest Airtel showroom for activation.

In addition, prepaid customers can also activate the plan via sms by sending BBM, BIM and BLM for BB10 Max monthly, BB10 Mid monthly and BB10 Lite monthly, to special code 440.

According to Olu Akanmu, chief marketing officer, Airtel Nigeria, offering the customized and exclusive data bundle plans for customers who purchase the BlackBerry 10 is not only unique, but further demonstrates the company’s innovativeness.

He said with data speed up to 42mbps and presently the largest 3G network in Nigeria covering 36 states + FCT, enjoying the latest BB10 smartphone is best done on Airtel network.

“We are a committed brand that continuously seeks to give our esteemed customers a head-start on technology and innovation. Only a fortnight ago we became the first operator to sell the BlackBerry 10 smartphones across our shops. Today, we are backing up this feat with another first by providing those who have purchased the phones opportunity to enjoy our superfast internet and Messenger services that rides on our superior and widest 3G coverage in Nigeria”, said Akanmu.

UEFA takes action against Manchester United for Media misdemeanours

Uefa has begun disciplinary proceedings against Manchester United following their Champions League defeat by Real Madrid on Tuesday.

European football’s governing body is taking action over Nani’s red card and the “non-fulfillment of post-match media obligations” at Old Trafford.

Nani was sent off by Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir in the 56th minute for a high challenge on Alvaro Arbeloa. United went on to lose the tie 3-2 on aggregate.

Nani’s red card is subject to a disciplinary review which will decide whether the automatic one-match ban should be extended.  In addition, the Manchester United players walked through the “flash zone” – an area where the waiting media can talk to players – without the required minimum of two stopping. Fines are the most likely sanctions for the media misdemeanors.

Uefa says its disciplinary panel will judge the case on 21 March, and a spokesman added: “There are no issues for us regarding the sending off.”

Emilia Clarke: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actress Strips On Broadway Stage

Khaleesi caused a Broadway uproar at the debut of her play when she stepped out of a bathtub on stage completely naked! Read on to find out why the Cort Theatre now has to beef up security!

Apparently fans haven’t seen enough of actress Emilia Clarke naked during her time on Game of Thrones, because when she bared it all for the debut performance of Breakfast at Tiffany’s the audience went into a frenzy!


Emilia Clarke’s Nude Broadway Scene Drives The Audience Wild

Once Emilia, 26, stepped out of a bubble bath as Holly Golightly in only her birthday suit, many people in the crowd blatantly ignored the Cort Theatre’s strict “no photos” rule and began frantically snapping away with their cellphones.

The whole thing got so out of hand that theater security is being forced to beef up their numbers and be more prepared when the scene in question takes place.

Emilia’s sexy nude scene occurs with co-star Cory Michael Smith after he’s injured riding horses in Central Park.

“She undresses him and he gets in the tub,” an eyewitness told the New York Post. “She then goes offstage and comes back in a towel. She takes it off and gets in with him.”

Sounds pretty titillating!

Emilia Clarke Fans: Is ‘Game Of Thrones’ Not Enough?

Though we do have to ask — is Emilia Clarke nude really that big of deal? Her character Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones is naked for like half of the first season! It’s funny that the audience — which reportedly was full of GoT fans — couldn’t contain themselves.

The same sort of frenzy happened in 1998 when Nicole Kidman appeared nude onstage for the play The Blue Room but even that seems way more sensational than Emilia’s case.

How about you? Are you rushing to StubHub to get your tickets to a showing of Breakfast at Tiffany’s now? Let us know!

Justin Bieber Roams The London Streets Wearing A Gas Mask

Justin is known for being fashion forward, but this is one trend I hope never catches on. Ever.

The facts are these: Justin Bieber was spotted March 6 wearing a gas mask outside London restaurant MR CHOW. But the question is: Why? Is Justin angling to play Young Bane in a Dark Knight prequel, or is he just really — like, really really — bad at blending into a crowd? Drop a comment with your wildest theory!

Kim Kardashian: Kanye West Is Pulling Away From Her — Report

Could Kimye be in trouble? A new report claims that Kanye is distancing himself from his pregnant girlfriend! Do you believe it?

 Kanye West is no longer putting up with Kim Kardashian‘s antics, if a new report by In Touch is to believed. With a baby on the way, the couple is allegedly being forced to address their relationship on a more serious level, which could be causing Kanye to think twice about his devotion to the reality star. Will he leave Kim pregnant and alone?

Kanye West Goes To Europe Without Kim Kardashian

Kanye jetted off to Europe in late February without Kim by his side. His first stop was London, for a concert, and next he set off to Paris for fashion week. His failure to extend an invite to his baby mama may be a sign that there is trouble in paradise.

A source told In Touch, “His passion for Kim has cooled. This is a man who was once so infatuated with Kim that he would do anything to win her love. Now he’s trying to get away from her, despite the fact that they’re having a baby. It’s making Kim very nervous. If Kanye abandons her and she ends up a single mom, it will be her worst nightmare.”

Kanye Can’t Keep Up With The Kardashians

We all thought the power couple was perfect for each other, but it may not be the case anymore! Apparently, the rapper just can’t handle her crazy and overbearing family. In the beginning of their relationship, he was open to bonding with the Kardashian clan, and even agreed to make appearances on their hit reality show. However, that didn’t last long!

Kanye reportedly put his foot down when Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner, tried to suck him into the Kardashian franchise and capitalize on his fame. Tisk, tisk! A family insider told In Touch, “He wants nothing to do with them or the Kardashian brand. In Kim’s mind, Kanye was going to do everything that she wanted him to do because that’s what happened in her previous relationships.”

She is constantly forcing Kanye to do stuff he simply doesn’t want to do, like appear on her TV show and on magazine covers. A source close to the rapper said, “Emotionally he’s on a roller coaster. It’s all part of him being in the Kardashian family and going, ‘What the f–k was I thinking?’”

do you think Kim and Kanye are really in trouble? Let us know below!

‘American Idol’ Recap: Curtis Finch Jr. Gets A Standing Ovation

The 10 top guys fought for survival on the March 6 episode of ‘American Idol’ — did they fare better than the girls? Read our full recap below.

On the March 6 episode of American Idol, judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson were at times confused and baffled and others amazed and tearing up. Who do YOU think should make the final 10? Vote below!


The Top 10 Guys Sing To Make the Summer Tour

Elijah Liu – Keith said Rihanna’s “Stay” really suited his voice. Randy said he liked it better than last week. Mariah said he was very confident.

Cortez Shaw – He sang Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out Of Heaven” to mixed reviews. Nicki said, “You enjoyed it. You didn’t seem nervous so that was a good thing.” Randy said it sounded like he was straining but that his dancing with “dope.”

Charlie Askew tried to make his awkward turtles proud but failed (miserably) in my eyes. Keith said “something doesn’t feel genuine. It feels disconnected.” Nicki said, “I don’t know what’s going on. I’m upset.” Randy said, “I’m worried for you.”

Nick Boddington sang “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls on the piano. Keith said, “There’s such a vulnerability in your tone, I thought it was beautiful.” Randy said, “I don’t know if it was your best performance.”

Burnell Taylor got a standing ovation from Keith after singing his original audition song. Nicki siad, “You were born to do this.” Randy said, “love you, love you!” He even made Mariah tear up again!

More Guys Perform During The Live Show

Paul Jolley — Keith said, “I feel like you underestimate the quality of your voice.” Nicki said, “I thought you had a solid performance.” Nicki and Mariah said Paul should defer to Keith’s expert opinion if he wants to be pop-country.

Lazaro Arbos got a standing ovation from the audience. Keith said, “I love the way you connect with everybody. Great job!” Nicki said, “I think that was a very strong vocal.” Randy said, “He’s in it to win it!”

Curtis Finch Jr. got a standing ovation from all four judges! Keith said: “You have so much hope in you!” Nicki said she believes his voice comes from a higher power. Randy said, “I feel like the competition for tonight started just now.”

Devon Velez — Keith said, “You are such a good singer.” Nicki said, “You feel very real and believable. You look like a Spanish Ken doll!” Randy said, “This kid is effortless. I love this dude!” Mariah said, “That performance was incredible.”

Vincent Powell – Keith said, “Nerves got on top of your talent.” Nick said, “Your voice didn’t come alive in that song.” Randy said, “You overshot it but you’re still one of the greatest singers.”

Who did you love the most tonight?

WATCH: Girls Semi Final Round Recap – AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12

Robert Pattinson Forbids Kristen Stewart From Coming To Australia?

It may be Kristen’s insecurities that put a final end to Rob and Kristen’s relationship, according to a new report. Read on for all the details!

Robert Pattinson is reportedly standing firm on his wish for Kristen Stewart to not visit him in Australia — he wants her to stay far away. Plus, the Twilight hunk has allegedly stopped responding to her calls and texts.


“Rob doesnt want her to visit,” a friend of the couple told In Touch, adding, “He felt like they needed space. He wants a break.”

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Have Conflicting Feelings On Their Separation

Rob is “really enjoying himself,” filming The Rover while getting flirty and “friendly” in Australia.

Kristen, on the other hand, is allegedly having a hard time coping with the separation. And it’s her alleged insecurities that may tarnish her relationship with Rob forever. The source adds, “She was calling and texting him constantly – if he didn’t respond she would go off the handle. So he just stopped responding.”

Kristen Stewart’s Cheating Scandal Will Forever Haunt Robert Pattinson

Rob, 26, has reportedly had a hard time getting over Kristen’s cheating scandal. But Kristen, 22, isn’t ready to give up on the relationship yet.

A source close to Kristen tells exclusively, ”Kristen is desperate to get out to Australia because she misses Rob. But he’s being ambivalent about the whole thing. It seems like she’s going to fly out there, despite the fact that he has cut their communication down a lot, confirming that he has indeed barely been picking up her calls or responding to her messages. Kristen is really missing Rob. Regardless of their ‘romantic’ relationship, they are still really good friends. That is something that won’t change. Kristen is not ready to say goodbye to this relationship and will do whatever it takes to make it work. She is just being patient and spending a lot of time with her mom. Her mom has been very supportive and just keeps encouraging her to be true to herself and to keep things simple.”

What do YOU think? Should Kristen go visit Rob despite his wishes?

Jane Lynch Raps Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’ — Watch

Ryan Murphy, are you seeing this? You may want to get Jane Lynch to do more rapping on ‘Glee,’ because she’s a pro! See the video!

Jane Lynch made a guest appearance on Conan on March 4, where she was asked about attending Elton John’s Oscars party. Her story quickly turned into a celebration of her rapping skills!


“It’s celeb city. It’s so so awesome. You have Steven Tyler over here. Nicki Minaj was at the table next to us and I did a Nicki Minaj song on Glee,” Jane told Conan O’Brien.

Of course, Conan pressed the actress to do an encore on his show. Shockingly, Jane still remembers all the words!

“That’s fantastic!” Conan said after she finished a rap verse. “I know, it took me so long. I worked so hard on that,” Jane said proudly. She added that no one would expect it from a “six foot white lady.”

‘Glee’ Celebrates Its 500th Performance

Another big Glee moment will happen on March 7, when the cast celebrates its 500th performance with “Shout.”

The kids of New Directions go head-to-head in their annual boys vs. girls mash-up competition using the music of the movies. Plus, we’ll finally get more information on Rachel’s (Lea Michele) maybe pregnancy!

Full Song List:

Sam & Blaine – Old Time Rock & Roll/Danger Zone (Risky Business/Top Gun)

Jake and Ryder – Unchained Melody (Ghost)

Will and Unique – In Your Eyes (Say Anything)

Blaine, Brittany and New Directions – Shout (Animal House)

Artie, Sam, Joe and New Directions – Footloose (Footloose)

Kurt and Blaine – Come What May (Moulin Rouge)

Are you excited for tonight’s new episode of Glee? And are you impressed by Jane’s rapping skills? Should she do more of it on Glee?

WATCH: Jane Lynch Raps Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’ — ‘CONAN’ On TBS

Kim Kardashian Rushed To Doctor Over Miscarriage Scare

The mom-to-be hurried to her Los Angeles doctor after experiencing frightening pregnancy complications on her flight back from Paris. Doctors warned the workaholic reality star to slow down her schedule — read on for more details.

Kim Kardashian has worked nonstop even after her baby daddy Kanye West announced her pregnancy in December, but after returning from a trip to Paris to attend Paris Fashion Week with her beau, Kim suffered a frightening pregnancy complication that had her in tears.


As soon as she arrived back in Los Angeles, she rushed to her doctor, New York Post is reporting.

“Kim started feeling ill on the plane from Paris, and called friends as soon as she landed,” a source told the New York Post. “She was rushed to her doctor Tuesday night in tears. She thought she was having a miscarriage.”

Fortunately, Kim and her unborn baby are fine, but the experience really had her shaken up — and doctors told her she really needs to slow down her pregnancy style and exercise regimen.

Kim Kardashian Warned To Slow Down While Pregnant

“Kim’s not respecting her pregnancy,” a source added. “She’s running around, working out seven days a week. She’s working with two different trainers to control her weight, including Tracy Anderson and a pregnancy trainer.”

The source also said Kim is terrified about gaining too much weight, especially in her famous derriere. “But she is having a very rough pregnancy, and doctors have ordered her to slow down,” the source added.

What do YOU think of Kim rushing to her doctor? Do you think she’s having a healthy pregnancy, or should she be more careful? Let us know in the comments below!

New York Post➚

Kim Kardashian Picks Her Daughter’s Godmother — Find Out Who

We were the first to tell you that Kim is having a baby girl and now we can tell you that Kim has decided that she wants one of her sisters to be the godmother, will it be Kris, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall or Kylie?

Kim Kardashian has one big decision out of the way. HollywoodLife can tell you that Kim thought long and hard about who will be the godmother of her and Kanye West‘s baby and they’ve finally picked who will get the lucky title!

Who Will Be The Godmother? spoke to a source very close to the mommy-to-be who tells us: “Khloe will be the godmother.” This is so exciting for Khloe, especially since she has struggled with trying to have her own children.

Kourtney Kardashian also picked Khloe to be her son Mason Disick‘s guardian. It’s unclear who Kourtney chose as Mason and Penelope Disick‘s godparents.

Kim Will Give Birth In LA

We told you that Kim is going to be giving birth in LA and it will not be filmed for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Our insiders add that they have no idea what they will name their little girl.

Our source also tells us: “They haven’t even started thinking about baby names yet, they want to wait until a month before she’s due to start the process. They know they’ll change their mind 100 times over again.”

We are so excited to meet Kim’s little girl! We just hope that Kim asks Khloe to be the godmother on one of their reality shows so we can see her emotional reaction!

PlayStation App to Be Released For iOS

Sony recently announced the launch of the next generation of their PlayStation gaming console, the PlayStation 4. While gaming fans are eagerly awaiting its release, the company also went ahead and explained that people using smartphones and tablets would also be able to play the games available on the platform. How? You would have to download the PlayStation app and you would get access to a wide range of games you can play on PS4.

PlayStation App to Be Released For iOS

The news was made public at the Future of PlayStation conference. It has been a while since Sony had come out with PlayStation 3 and fans were awaiting the release of the next version. Well, that wait is almost over with the announcement that PlayStation 4 would be available for sale soon. The surprising thing is that almost concurrently, Sony revealed the app for their gaming console. Some industry insiders suspect that the app might actually have a negative impact on the sales of PlayStation 4.

However, this is not the case as explained by Sony. The handheld devices would only work as a second screen for users. They would still have to play the game on the console. The app would enable them to supplement the gaming experience by incorporating the use of their iPhone, iPad or any smartphone which runs on Android. This means that the PlayStation 4 would offer the conventional gaming experience, i.e. playing on TV.

The additional option of having a second screen comes into play for adventure games. You can view the map for the game on your device while playing the game on a larger screen. You simply have to download the PlayStation app to your tablet or smartphone to access this new feature. However, this is not the only way in which the new app can be used. It could actually enhance your experience of playing games on the PlayStation 4.

With the PlayStation app, you get access to a large number of PS4 games even when you are not at home. You can buy them through the app and then download them on to your console. What’s more, you will also be able to watch other players in action on your handheld device. It does sound like an exciting feature but whether it would be able to convince people to buy the PS4 remains to be seen. The sales projections are strong so one can only wait for the console to be released.

[Images via sonyinsider]

BlackBerry Z10 Outselling iPhone & Samsung in Canada

The brand new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is a huge hit, at least that is the case for one Canadian retailer. According to Glentel the new flagship smartphone from BlackBerry is outselling the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones. The retailer claims that interest in the Z10 took off the moment the device was launched.

Glentel sent a note to BlackBerry on Monday in which it claimed the Z10 was its “leading smartphone” at more than 330 retail outlets across Canada.

While Glentel did not release exact numbers the company writes that the Z10 launch was ”more than 50 percent better than any other launch day in our history in Canada.”

BlackBerry Z10 Outselling iPhone & Samsung in Canada

Glentel Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer David Hartman adds:

“We are delighted with strong customer acceptance and customer experience within our stores of the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone.”

The company’s report is in direct contradiction to various other analyst findings which have claimed lousy sales for the Z10 smartphone. In one report sales expectations were cut by more than 85 percent.

Sales in Canada could be attributed to a sense of loyalty felt among BlackBerry buyers. Formerly known as Research in Motion, the company is based in Canada and manufacturers its smartphones at Canadian owned facilities.

In the meantime BlackBerry can use any good news it can get. Upon launch of the BlackBerry 10 OS analysts have largely agreed that the Z10 and its Q10 counterpart with a full QWERTY keyboard may be BlackBerry’s last chance at remaining relevant in an Apple iOS and Google Android dominated market.

BlackBerry has been busy cutting staff and closing down facilities in a desperate attempt to once again become cash flow positive. Rumors have circulated that BlackBerry could sell its manufacturing division and focus on software licensing to third party vendors.

Do you think the BlackBerry Z10 can save BlackBerry or is the company headed for dire straights?

[Image via us.blackberry]

SEE the FULL LIST of winners at the 85th Annual Academy Awards

For many who have predicted the winners and losers of the 85th Annual Academy which took place in Los Angeles a few hours ago this is the moment of reckoning… the time to know how their predictions fared compared to what actually took place.

Check the full list of winners (written in bold) in each category of the Oscars and see if your favourite movies have earned you a year worth of bragging rights, if not, you have next year to try again.


Philip Seymour Hoffman – The Master

Robert DeNiro – Silver Linings Playbook

Alan Arkin – Argo

Tommy Lee Jones – Lincoln

Christoph Waltz – Django Unchained


Adam and Dog – Minkyu Lee

Fresh Guacamole – PES

Head over Heels – Timothy Reckart and Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly

Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare” David Silverman

Paperman – John Kahrs



The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Wreck it Ralph




Django Unchained – Robert Richardson

Anna Karenina – Seamus McGarvey

Lincoln – Janusz Kaminski

Life of Pi – Claudio Miranda

Skyfall – Roger Deakins


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Joe Letteri, Eric Saindon, David Clayton and R. Christopher White

Life of Pi -Bill Westenhofer, Guillaume Rocheron, Erik-Jan De Boer and Donald R. Elliott

Marvel’s The Avengers – Janek Sirrs, Jeff White, Guy Williams and Dan Sudick

Prometheus – Richard Stammers, Trevor Wood, Charley Henley and Martin Hill

Snow White and the Huntsman – Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, Philip Brennan, Neil Corbould and Michael Dawson


Anna Karenina – Jacqueline Durran

Les Misérables – Paco Delgado

Lincoln – Joanna Johnston

Mirror Mirror – Eiko Ishioka

Snow White and the Huntsman – Colleen Atwood


Hitchcock – Howard Berger, Peter Montagna and Martin Samuel

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Peter Swords King, Rick Findlater and Tami Lane

Les Misérables – Lisa Westcott and Julie Dartnell


Asad Bryan Buckley and Mino Jarjoura

Buzkashi Boys – Sam French and Ariel Nasr

Curfew – Shawn Christensen

Death of a Shadow (Dood van een Schaduw) – Tom Van Avermaet and Ellen De Waele

Henry – Yan England


Inocente – Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine

Kings Point – Sari Gilman and Jedd Wider

Mondays at Racine – Cynthia Wade and Robin Honan

Open Heart – Kief Davidson and Cori Shepherd Stern

Redemption – Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill


5 Broken Cameras

The Gatekeepers

How to Survive a Plague

The Invisible War

Searching for Sugar Man




War Witch

A Royal Affair

Kon Tiki


Sally Field – Lincoln

Anne Hathaway – Les Miserables

Jacki Weaver – Silver Linings Playbook

Helen Hunt – The Sessions

Amy Adams – The Master


Before My Time – Chasing Ice, Music and Lyric by J. Ralph

Pi’s Lullaby – Life of Pi, Music by Mychael Danna; Lyric by Bombay Jayashri

Suddenly – Les Miserable, Music by Claude-Michel Schönberg; Lyric by Herbert Kretzmer and Alain Boublils

Everybody Needs a Best Friend – Ted, Music by Walter Murphy; Lyric by Seth MacFarlane

Skyfall – from Skyfall – Music and Lyric by Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth


Lucy Alibar & Benh Zeitlin – Beasts of the Southern Wild

Chris Terrio – Argo

Tony Kushner – Lincoln

David O’Russell – Silver Linings PLaybook

David Magee – Life of Pi


John Gatins – Flight

Mark Boal – Zero Dark Thirty

Django Unchained – Quentin Tarantino

Moonrise Kingdom – Written by Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola

Amour – Written by Michael Haneke


Life of Pi – Ang Lee

Amour – Michael Haneke

Lincoln – Steven Spielberg

Silver Linings Playbook – David O Russell

Beasts of the Southern Wild – Behn Zeitlin


Jessica Chastain – Zero Dark Thirty

Jennifer Lawrence – Silver Linings Playbook

Emmanuelle Riva – Amour

Quvenzhané Wallis – Beasts of the Southern Wild

Naomi Watts – The Impossible


Bradley Cooper – Silver Linings Playbook

Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln

Hugh Jackman – Les Misérables

Joaquin Phoenix – The Master

Denzel Washington – Flight


Beast of the Southern Wild

Zero Dark Thirty



Life of Pi

Les Miserables


Silver Linings Playbook

Django Unchained

Oscar winners previously presented this season:

Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award: Jeffrey Katzenberg

Honorary Award: Hal Needham

Honorary Award: D.A. Pennebaker

Honorary Award: George Stevens Jr.

Award of Merit: Cooke Optics


IYANYA: ALBUM is OUT, and here is a what the ALBUM LAUNCH looked Like

Iyanya dropped his much awaited album on the 8th Feb and the Album last weekend in ICC, Abuja was not short of a good show with a lot of artiste on the set like MayD, M.I, e.t.c, It was a cool crowd and Iyanya was really on point.

Im sure you have heard one or two of the tracks, if not, One good track for All: Your Man Ft Vector

Read about the Album review here:



Track Listing

01: Badman feat. M.I.

02:Ekaette ft. Tekno


04:Marry Me

05: Flavor

06: Limbo

07: Whine feat. May D

08: Jombolo feat. Flavor

09: Some More feat. Young L.

10: Ur Waist feat. Emma Nyra

11: I gat it

12: Somebody feat. Tiwa Savage

13: Little Things

14: Sexy Mama feat. Wiz Kid

15: Kukere

16: Your Man feat Vector

17: Drowning

18: Kukere Remix feat Dbanj

Bonus Track: Bust Me Brain

Samsung Galaxy S4 is here – Yes, It will Ship Wordwide in March


Samsung will launch its latest Galaxy smartphone in New York on 14 March, as it attempts to retake the lead from Apple in the United States.

The next edition of Samsung’s bestselling phone is rumoured to feature a large 4.9in screen – compared to 4.8in on its predecessor – and a camera which at 13 megapixels will outdo that and Apple’s fifth iPhone.

The unveiling of the device, expected to be called the “Galaxy S IV”, marks the first time in three years Samsung has chosen to debut a product from its flagship range in America. The S III event was held in London last year, while the S II launched in Barcelona in 2011.

The Samsung event will be held at the art deco Radio City Music Hall, located in New York’s Rockerfeller Center, and a favourite venue for Grammy and MTV awards.

Samsung has its sights set squarely on the US market after Apple took the crown for bestselling smartphone both worldwide and in the US at the end of last year, according to data from the research company Strategy Analytics. The California company knocked its South Korean rival from the top spot as the biggest seller of smartphones in the Christmas quarter thanks to the arrival of the iPhone 5 and price reductions on older models. That meant it sold 27.4m iPhone 5 and 17.4m iPhone 4S handsets globally in the fourth quarter, against 15.4m Galaxy S III handsets in that period, said Strategy Analytics.
– Guardian

Adobe Photoshop CS6 v13.0 Pre Release with Keygen Full Version Download

Adobe Photoshop CS6 v13.0 Pre Release with Keygen Full Version Download

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TeraCopy 2.3 Pro Beta With Serial Key Full Version Free Download

TeraCopy 2.3 Pro: One of the most common complaints about newer versions of Windows is the slow copying speed, especially when transferring lots of files over the network. If you want to speed up your copying or if you regularly transfer large amounts of data and have to stop the process to perform some other disk-intensive task, this program may be just what you need.
TeraCopy is designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed. It skips bad files during the copying process, and then displays them at the end of the transfer so that you can see which ones need attention. TeraCopy can automatically check the copied files for errors by calculating their CRC checksum values. It also provides a lot more information about the files being copied than its Windows counterpart. TeraCopy integrates with Windows Explorer’s right-click menu and can be set as the default copy handler.
Copy files faster
TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce the seek times. Asynchronous copying speeds up the file transfer between two physical hard drives.
Pause and resume file transfer activities
Pause the copy process at any time in order to free up system resources and continue with a single click.
Error recovery
In case of a copy error, TeraCopy will try several times to recover and, in the worse case scenario, will simply skip the file, not terminating the entire transfer.
Interactive file list
TeraCopy shows the failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only the problem files.
Shell integration
TeraCopy can completely replace the Explorer copy and move functions, in turn enabling you to work with files as usual.
Full Unicode support
Windows 8 x64 support.
TeraCopy Pro *
Copy/move to your favorite folders.
Save reports as HTML and CSV files.
Select files with the same extension/folder.
Remove the selected files from the copy queue.
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Norton Ghost 15 Free Download Full Version

Norton Ghost 15 Free Download Full Version
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Internet Download Manager 6.14 Build 5 Free Download Full Version

Internet Download Manager 6.14 Build 5 Free Download Full Version


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Having A Girl — Report

Time to start buying all-pink Versace, Kanye! As HollywoodLife told you first, Kimye’s first child together is going to be a girl. Let the name-guessing game finally begin!

Less than two months since they announced their baby news, we now know what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having — a little baby girl!


A new Us Weekly report says that the little Kimye is going to be a girl, and that the couple is thrilled about the news.

“They’re over the moon,” a source close to the couple said. “Kanye always wanted a girl.”

No matter what the little girl is named, she is DEFINITELY going to be the best-dressed baby ever — Kanye and Kim will make sure of it. “I think [Kanye] is going to have things specially made,” Kim told Jimmy Kimmel in January.

Kim & Kanye Both Wanted A Girl

A source first told exclusively that the baby was going to be a girl, saying, “Kim has always dreamed of having a little girl and now she has her wish!” The source continued, “Everyone is so excited. No it’s pink, pink, pink!”

Another source also told us that Kanye wasn’t really coming down on either side of the matter: “Kanye wants a boy but would be happy with a girl too. He doesn’t really care.” So everyone’s getting exactly what they wanted!

What Will Kim & Kanye Name Her?

As for names now that we know it’s a girl, we have two educated guesses. First of all, don’t count out any name that begins with the letter K. And secondly — and more importantly — remember how close Kanye was with his mother, Donda, before she tragically died in 2007.

“If Kanye has a daughter, he wants to name her Donda, after his mother. He’s been saying that for years, and he will really try to get Kim to do that,” a source told HollywoodLife. “He loves her and misses her tremendously — he even named his art collective after her. Kim would probably be for it, as she loves him and would be supportive of his wishes.”

Whatever they choose, this baby girl is going to be gorgeous and the apple of her mommy and daddy’s eyes. There’s still some time to wait though — Kim’s due in July. We can barely contain our excitement!

Are you happy it’s going to be a girl? Let us know!

Justin Bieber’s Bad Dance Moves Get Him Banned From Manchester Club

Justin Bieber’s Bad Dance Moves Get Him Banned From Manchester Club

Apparently, not everyone is a fan of Justin’s dancing. The pop star was turned away from a Manchester club on Feb. 22 for shuffling on stage.

Following his concert at the Manchester Arena on Feb. 22, Justin Bieber was hoping to unwind by partying at a local club, Sankeys. Unfortunately, he was barred from entering the club.

A statement on the venue’s Twitter page read, “Yes the rumours are true, we turned Justin Bieber away. He shuffles on stage and we can’t be having that in Sankeys now can we.”

One Twitter user said the move was smart because the club “will get more publicity from turning him away, then letting him in.” Another said, “This is the best thing I have seen,” while most added, “AMAZING.”

Justin, 18, is currently halfway through the UK leg of his Believe world tour.

After getting the boot by Selena Gomez, Justin must be reeling from this “slap in the face.” The Sun reports that Sankeys’ bosses weren’t going to let a teen pop star ruin their well-earned credibility.

Clearly, Justin was upset, because he went home and sent a seductive tweet to Selena. Such a typical move for someone down in the dumps — reach out to an ex.

UPDATE: Even though Sankys says they barred Justin from the club, a source close to the singer tells  exclusively that there is “no truth at all” to the story.

What do YOU think? Was it right for Sankeys to ban Justin?

2013 Independent Spirit Award Winners: Jennifer Lawrence & More — Full List

The best of the best in small-budget filmmaking were in the spotlight on Feb. 23, just a day before the Oscars. Did your favorite ‘little engine that could’ get the recognition it deserved? See all the winners — and losers — below.

The Independent Spirit Awards are for the little guys — the independent films. They honor all those indie movies that can be just as amazing as the best blockbusters around. Some of the best in the biz were up for Spirit awards — but only a select few took them home. The show starts at 1:30 pm PST and airs on IFC tonight, Feb. 23 at 10 pm ET. See the winners from the ceremony below, which will be updated as the show goes on.


Best First Screenplay – Derek Connolly, Safety Not Guaranteed

Best First Feature – Stephen Chbosky, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Best Supporting Male Performance – Matthew McConaughey, Magic Mike

Robert Altman Award for Cast Ensemble – Starlet

Piaget Producers Award – Mynette Louie, Stones in the Sun

Best International Film – Michael Haneke, Amour

John Cassavetes Award for Under $500,000 – Middle of Nowhere

Best Supporting Female Performance – Helen Hunt, The Sessions

Best Cinematography – Ben Richardson, Beasts of the Southern Wild

Best Screenplay – David O. Russell, Silver Linings Playbook

Best Female Lead Performance – Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook

Best Male Lead Performance – John Hawkes, Battery Dying

Best Feature Film – Silver Linings Playbook

Michelle Obama Dances On ‘Jimmy Fallon’: Evolution of ‘Mom Dancing’

Jimmy Fallon dresses in drag and Michelle Obama busts a move? It certainly can’t get better than this. Watch the hilarious new video.

Michelle Obama paid a visit to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Feb. 22, and she brought her best dance moves with her. The First Lady shook her booty as part of her “Let’s Move!” campaign.

Jimmy Fallon and Michelle presented a series of hot dance moves with the ”Evolution of Mom Dancing,” starting with the “Go Shopping, Get Groceries” dance, and following with the “Just The Hands Part of Single Ladies,” the “Oh My God, I Love This Song” and the “Driving the Station Wagon.”

“You’re a good dancer,” Jimmy told Michelle. “I am pretty good,” she admitted.

“How about Barack, is he a good dancer?” Jimmy asked.

“You know, I give him a B,” Michelle said. “His dancing is right here in the pocket. He’s got like three good moves. But they’re all right here,” Michelle said, imitating him by dancing with her hands by her hips.

Afterwards, Michelle told Jimmy, “that was so much fun. You’re a beautiful mom. Pretty hot.”

We have to agree. Jimmy does look hot as a mom. But more importantly, Michelle is a GREAT dancer!

What do YOU think? Are you guilty of “mom dancing”?

WATCH: Michelle Obama & Jimmy Fallon, Evolution Of ‘Mom Dancing’

Harry Styles Wants A Second Date With Model — Over Taylor Swift?

Harry and Taylor Swift are never ever getting back together, and he looks just fine with that! The One Direction heartthrob is making moves for ANOTHER date with the sexy British model, Millie Brady, and the duo’s reportedly making plans to hang out soon.

Harry Styles is having no trouble moving on from his breakup with Taylor Swift. He’s proving that the best form of revenge isn’t a song or a mock accent — it’s dating new hot people!


Harry and the British model, Millie Brady were seen together at an after-party following the 2013 BRIT Awards, and Harry has reportedly been very “keen” to spend more time with her ever since.

Harry Styles & Millie Brady — Hooking Up?

After partying and flirting it up Harry, didn’t want the night to end, so he brought Millie along with him to BBC Radio 1, where he co-hosts the “Breakfast Show.” Harry reportedly acted like a true gentleman on their “date” and gave Millie the grand tour of the radio station’s studio before she had to leave for work.

The night must have been a success — because the two Brits are reportedly already planning to see each other again.

“She is being very coy about it all but she has told friends she wants to see him again,” a source told The Sun.

The 1D star and his new hot flame are taking things slow, having fun and seeing if it turns into something more. The source also said that they’re planning on getting together to go clubbing within the next few days.

Harry & Taylor Swift Are Moving On

Is this finally the end of the road for Haylor? Harry wasn’t the only one using the BRITs as a launching pad for new romance — Taylor of course was spotted out at an English pub with singer Tom Odell after the award show. And those two have a flirtatious history.

Come to think of it, it’s been awhile since Taylor’s last Harry diss — maybe they’ve BOTH fully moved on? Harry certainly has!

What do you think? Do you like Harry and Millie together?

UNILAG Name Change: Jonathan Makes U-turn

 President Goodluck Jonathan has reversed the change of name of the University of Lagos which he renamed Moshood Abiola University in a broadcast to mark the 2012 Democracy Day.

Chairman, Governing Council of University of Lagos, Professor Jerry Gana disclosed this yesterday in Abuja during his inauguration alongside three others by the Minister of Education, Professor Ruqayyatu Rufai

The name change had been the subject of litigation and protests from students and alumni of the institution while a court recently ruled that the change was illegal.

Gana who hailed President Jonathan for retaining the name of the institution. said the president had upheld the Constitution by reversing the change of name of the university.

“This is a pointer to the fact that the current administration is committed to entrenching democracy and justice in the country.’’

Gana, who was responding on behalf of the four councils, said they would ensure that the universities’ communities settled down in peace.

“I assure you that we will do our best to be fair, just and honourable in the discharge of our duties.” He also promised effective leadership with integrity, honour and justice.

Gana said members would work according to the rules governing the institutions.

He thanked Jonathan for the appointments and said they would put in their best as Nigerians deserved nothing less.

The other governing councils inaugurated by the Minister of Education, Prof. Ruqayyatu Rufa’I, were for the University of Benin, ObafemiAwolowoUniversity, Ile-Ife and Michael Opara University of Agriculture, Umudike.

Their Chairmen are Sen. Bob Dickson, Prof. Rowland Ndoma-Egba and Prof. Anya O.Anya respectively.

The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, Sen. Uche Chukwumerijie said the lawmakers’ job had been made easier by the appointments.

Chukwumerijie said the committee’s oversight visits to the institutions had identified lack of leadership by the absence of governing councils and the quality of members of the boards as challenges facing the institutions.

He said the Federal Government had by the appointments taken care of the issues.

“There are councils for those that did not have and the members who have been appointed are men and women of proven integrity and experience in academics.’’

The lawmaker described the appointees as round pegs in round holes and the right captains in the ship.

Chukwumerijie charged the councils to immediately tackle falling standards of education, corruption, cultism and many ills that had continued to affect the development of education.

The Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission, Prof. Julius Okojie, said no university could function effectively without a governing council.

Okojie urged government to consider training and retreat for members to enable them to keep abreast of global best practices in university administration.

He also advocated financial autonomy for universities in the country.

— Vanguard

Sony announces PlayStation 4 with 8-core x86 processor, 8GB GDDR5 memory & DualShock 4 controller

On Wednesday February 20 at a gaming event in New York City, Sony announced the PlayStation 4. Sony’s Andy House says that it is the ‘most powerful platform ever’.

Of note: Images of the console itself, its pricing or its availability beyond ‘Holiday 2013′ were not announced at this event. That seems almost unconscionably obtuse of the company in this day and age. But that’s the tactic that they’re going with and it’s pretty obvious that there are some details about the product itself and the pricing that have yet to be finalized.

“The living room is no longer the center of the PlayStation universe, the gamer is,” says House. “Every facet of PlayStation will continue to become more powerful…and remains at the heart of everything we create.”

Sony’s Mark Cerny then took the stage to talk about the upgraded console and how the PlayStation ecosystem could be integrated into other platforms like the Vita, as well as smartphones and tablets. He spoke about the way that all of the consoles before have been a ‘single purpose’ device.

“The need to radically customize technology can interfere with the innovation necessary ” to develop a platform like PlayStation, says Cerny. He also spoke about the importance of developers, and how Sony reached out to them to create a ‘platform by game creators, for game creators’. This speaks to the way that Sony altered the architecture of the PS4.

The machine runs on standard PC hardware. An x86 processor similar to those used in many windows machines, a standard (though customized) graphics processor and GDDR5 memory. The 8-core processor and GPU are  unified, providing 170GPBS bandwidth.

The new system uses a DualShock 4 controller with a touchpad, share button, lightbar and headphone jack. The lightbar mates with a camera system on the PS4 that allows the console to track the depth (distance away) of the player.

There is background uploading and downloading, allowing the console to update game and system items in the background even if the main power is off. Digital titles can even be played while they are being downloaded. This is a huge upgrade over the PS3 which was famous for its lame handling of system updates which set game play back by tens of minutes every time you fired up the console while it updates.

This is enabled by a secondary processor that allows for background work while the main processor is handling gameplay.

The new PlayStation 4 is also highly focused on offering social experiences. You’ll be able to stream your play sessions to allow input, including your friends taking over control to help you out with a rough patch, for instance. You can also quickly share video clips to friends and the PS network.

The PS4 will also support ‘personalization’. The system will learn your likes and dislikes. This means that you will be presented with items that you are more likely to enjoy. Cerny says that the long-term vision is to reduce the download times to zero. If Sony knows what game you’re likely to purchase next, it could, for instance, download it ahead of time.

That promise is pretty wild, actually, and a bit creepy. Though if it works it would be brilliant.

Streaming play

Next up is Gaikai founder Dave Perry, the head of a company Sony purchased last year that allows for heavy compression and streaming of titles.

Gaikai technology will allow you to ‘instantly experience’ any title that you’d like to try. Basically you’ll be able to try out any game demo you like and buy it if you like playing with it. This means that you can choose and play any title online, streaming it nearly instantly before you have to buy it.

Gaikai’s technology is also behind the spectating feature of the PS4 which allows you to share your gaming session with a button push and allows friends to jump in and take over control to help you. Some games will allow people to give you items that will help you in game play like ‘health potions’.

You can also use Remote Play to transfer a PS4 game over to the PlayStation Vita for remote play sessions, similar to the Wii U. Perry says that the long-term goal is to allow any PS4 game to be played on the Vita, though only some titles will work currently.

Perry says that Sony’s long term goal is to allow all PlayStation one, 2, 3 and 4 games to play on any of those devices using Gaikai technology. This would be done by streaming those games onto the platform. This, says Perry, will require the ‘fastest network anywhere’ and that it is being built now. This would theoretically allow you to play any PlayStation game ever on your current console.

Sony then showed a video featuring many game developers talking about the PS4, specifically the amount of time that it takes for players to get involved in games and to boot up their consoles. These developers want people to be able to ‘get into the game’ more quickly. But it was also interesting that they focused so much on these developers, indicating an interesting note of admission that there should be a cleaner, tighter way for them to get their games out to users quickly via the PlayStation.

Pricing, availability and other things unsaid

In this announcement, Sony clearly showed that it was targeting the ‘gamers’ out there, rather than Microsoft’s more general push towards capturing household entertainment at large. There were some nods to streaming services like Netflix and more, but the overall presentation seemed oddly focused on the gaming aspects of a ‘living room PC’ when the rest of the industry is branching out from there.

Some notes about the developer focus felt good, as Sony was clearly listening to them on launch times and updates, etc. There may even be some advancements in the way that independent developers generate and submit games, due to the more standard architecture of the PS4 and the heavy focus on digital delivery. Still, no announcements were made about that specifically, so that’s just conjecture.

There were also no notices about the type of media that the console would use, so we’re still unclear whether it’s sticking with physical discs or going with all digital downloads.

And that’s about it for the Sony event. Unfortunately, with no picture of the console, pricing or availability beyond ‘holiday 2013′, it’s hard to make any judgements at this point. Stay tuned I suppose.

Rihanna Turns 25 — Happy Birthday

You bet Rihanna wants that cake, cake, cake! She turns 25 on Feb. 20! Happy Birthday!

Since her debut in 2005, Rihanna has transformed from sweet Barbados beauty into bad-girl extraordinaire! In a 2013 interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the star confirmed that she rekindled her relationship with ex-boyfriend and fellow singer, Chris Brown. Maybe Chris will help her feel like the only girl in the world on her big day!

Rihanna’s Music Career
RiRi is kind of big deal. She has received 6 Grammy Awards and has sold over 37 million albums worldwide. Currently, she holds the record for top-selling digital artist of all time. We’ll cheers to that! In 2012, she was named by Forbes as the number one social networking superstar, having over 60 million fans on Facebook and 25 million followers on Twitter. Well, hello miss popular! She also has over 2.7 billion views on YouTube, and growing! Her countless top singles speak for themselves–this girl has got some serious pipes! Whoever sings her happy birthday better practice!

Rihanna’s seventh album, Unapologetic, is her most recent success. It debuted at number one in the U.S. on Nov. 19, 2012. It became her first number one album in the country and was the best-selling debut week of her entire career. You go girl! The lead single off the album, “Diamonds”, became the star’s 12th number one hit, tying her with Madonna and The Supremes for the fifth most number one songs in the Billboard Chart’s history!

Rihanna Strikes Gold
Her new song, “Pour It Up”, sums up her year quite nicely in saying, “All I see is dollar signs.” Rihanna is seeing more dollar signs than ever this year, having landed the number four spot on Forbes Celebrity 100 list in May 2012. Hits such as “We Found Love” and “Talk That Talk” combined with recent endorsements by Vita Coco and Nivea have pushed RiRi to the top! Her fragrance, Reb’l Fleur, is also responsible for raking in millions for the bad girl.

Rihanna is looking forward to kicking off her Diamonds World Tour, starting March 8, 2013. Her previous tour, “LOUD”, set expectations high after grossing over $90 million worldwide!

With so much success in the past year, Rihanna will have no problem raising a glass! But what’s left for Rihanna to wish for when she blows out her candles?

Join us in wishing Rihanna the best birthday ever!

Nollywood actor Justus Esiri is dead

Justus Esiri is reported to have died of diabetes caused by old-age
Nollywood movie industry has been hit with another sudden death and it’s veteran actor Justus Esiri.

He passed way on Monday night after a short-time battle with an undisclosed ailment in his hometown.

Few months ago, Nigerian singer and Mavin record member, Dr Sid introduced Justus Esiri as his introduced Justus Esiri as his father. Dr Sid real name is Onoriode Esiri, he is the youngest child of the deceased.

As at the time of this report, no detail has been released regarding Justus Esiri’s death but it is a shock to everybody as the family only released this few hours ago.

A source said the now late Justus Esiri has been secretly battling an age related illness for a while but his family chose to make it a secret until his sudden demise Monday night at the age of 71.

Last year over four top Nollywood stars including Pete Eneh and Enebeli Elebuwa died.

Pete Eneh died of untreated leg infection on November 15, 2012 at a private hospital in Enugu while Enebeli Elebuwa died of stroke on the 4th of December 2012 at a private hospital in New Delhi, India.

Just this last week two Nollywood actors died tragically. A source who claimed the angel of death has visited Nollywood might be proven true with the sudden demise of top Nigerian movie stars one after the other within the past 12 months.

Before his death, Justus Esiri was a member of the Order of Niger (MON). He came into limelight in the early 80’s through the popular Village Headmaster TV series. He has also featured in many interesting Nollywood movies.

The late Justus Esiri was born in November 1942 in Oria, Abraka, Delta State. His studied at Catholic Secondary school in Warri in year 1948 before proceeding to Maximillan University in Munich, German in 1964.

He also attended Prof. Weners Institute of Engineering, West Berlin, 1967 and the Ahrens School of Performing Arts in 1968.

Justus Esiri, detoured into motion picture production in 1968 as a staff of the Schiller Theater, Berlin, Germany, where he stayed till 1976. During the 1977 FESTAC held in Lagos, he choreographed the Modern Dress exhibition.

He was Production Manager for Dinner With The Devil. He worked as News translator and Newscaster with the Voice of Nigeria (German Service).

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Brit awards to ‘make amends’ for cutting off Adele speech

The organiser of the Brit Awards has hinted that the ceremony will make amends for cutting short Adele’s victory speech last year.

The pop star was interrupted as she accepted the best British album prize, as the TV show was running over time.

Brits chairman David Joseph told the Guardian he couldn’t understand “what was happening in that control booth”.

“I can hint that something is going to happen this year to rewrite that wrong,” he added.

Adele is currently the bookmakers’ favourite to win the best British single prize, for her Bond theme Skyfall.

She is also in the running for the newly-minted award for “global success”, recognising exceptional international sales in 2012.

However, there are rumours the pop star may not make it to the Brits ceremony, as she is rehearsing for an appearance at the Oscars on Sunday night.

Artists who are confirmed for the annual awards bash include One Direction, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, Mumford and Sons, Emeli Sande and Robbie Williams – all of whom will be performing.

Sande is in the running for most prizes on Wednesday night, with four nominations including best female and best album.

There are also three nominations apiece for Mumford and Sons and Mercury Prize winners Alt-J.

Pop star Rihanna stands to take home the best international female prize for the third time, while Amy Winehouse is shortlisted posthumously for best British female.

The winners all receive a trophy designed by artist Damien Hirst.

Wardrobe choices

About 1,000 people will be working backstage to make sure the show runs smoothly

Rehearsals for the televised show have been taking place at London’s O2 arena all week, where the stage is surrounded by sweeping, ticker-tape style lighting rigs and 350 sq metre video screens.

One Direction will give the first live performance of their Comic Relief single, a medley of Blondie’s One Way Or Another and The Undertones’ Teenage Kicks.

US country star Taylor Swift is said to be putting together a fire and ice-themed set, while Timberlake is bringing along the big band that accompanied him at the Grammy Awards two weeks ago.

The Grammys saw strict rules about the performers’ wardrobes, with broadcaster CBS asking celebrities to “avoid sheer see-through clothing” and to make sure that “buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered”.

However, David Joseph said there had been no such warnings for the Brits.

“I would never ask anyone to dress in a certain way,” he told the BBC. “Artists should be allowed to be as free as they want in terms of their expression and fashion.”

Hosted by comedian James Corden, the Brits ceremony will be broadcast live on ITV from 20:00 GMT.

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 Premiere Date Revealed

MTV’s most addictive — and always clothing optional — series returns June 3, 2013!

Teen Wolf fans( of which am one), your wait is (sort of) almost over! MTV revealed Feb. 19 that the show will return for a third season on June 3, bringing Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and the rest of Beacon Hills’ beautiful residents back into our lives.

The reveal was done through an elaborate mosaic on Facebook, which also encouraged fans to tweet the hash tag #TeenWolfSeason3. Unsurprisingly, it quickly became a worldwide trend. The mosaic turned out to be a preview of the new season’s first scene.

While Jackson won’t be returning for the new episodes — creator Jeff Davis confirmed Colton Haynes‘ departure — there will be plenty of new (and familiar) characters to keep you entertained all summer.

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 Spoilers
Along with knowing how to spin a good story, the creative minds at Teen Wolf are also experts at keeping their ideas under wraps. So while there’s still much to be revealed about the show’s upcoming third season, here’s what we do know so far:

Described as “dangerous charmers with brilliant minds,” twin werewolves Ethan and Aiden — played by former Desperate Housewives stars Max and Charlie Carver — will be raising double trouble in Beacon Hills. And if their first photo is any indication, they’ll be doing so shirtless.

Joining that bare-chested duo will be Felisha Terrell as Kali, a “ruthless, sexy” alpha wolf; and Adelaide Kane as the “mysterious” Cora.

if you can possibly narrow it down to one aspect, what are you most excited for when Teen Wolf returns this summer? Drop me a comment with your thoughts!

8 Robbers steal $50million worth of diamonds @ Belgium AIrport

Eight masked gunmen made a hole in a security fence at Brussels’ international airport, drove onto the tarmac and snatched some $50million (£32m) worth of diamonds from the hold of a Swiss-bound plane without firing a shot.

The gang used fake police cars in their daring raid late yesterday, grabbed the cache of stones and sped off into the darkness.

‘They tried to pass themselves off as police officers,’ said Anja Bijnens, spokeswoman for the Brussels prosecutor’s office.

They reportedly wore outfits which resembled dark police clothing and both cars had blue lights on top, she said.

Police found one burnt-out vehicle close to the airport later that night and said they were still looking for clues.

The heist was estimated at some $50million (£32m) in diamonds, said Caroline De Wolf of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre.

‘What we are talking about is obviously a gigantic sum,’ De Wolf said. It is thought the goods stolen belonged to diamond and gold traders in the Belgian city of Antwerp, the Belgian media reported.

An airport spokesman said the robbers made a hole in the perimeter fence and drove up to the Swiss passenger plane, which was ready to leave, at about 8pm.

The bandits then got out and pointed the infra-red sights of their assault rifles on terrified Brink’s security guards who were guarding an armoured van before taking the loot in two locked metal trunks from the hold.

Without firing a shot, they drove off through the same hole in the fence, completing the spectacular theft within barely five minutes, Bijnens said.

Airport spokesman Jan Van Der Cruijsse could not explain how the area could be so vulnerable to theft. ‘We abide by the most stringent rules,’ he said.

The Swiss flight, bound for Zurich and operated by Helvetic Airways, was canceled. Swiss, an affiliate of Germany’s Deutsche Lufthansa AG, declined to comment on the heist, citing the ongoing judicial investigation.

Read more Here

Khloe Kardashian Will Be ‘Devastated’ ‘X Factor’s’ Not Asking Her Back

Breaking news hit on Feb. 18 that Khloe would not be invited back to host ‘The X Factor’s’ third season. Keep reading for EXCLUSIVE details about how she’s handling the huge letdown.

“You know Khloe’s going to be shocked” that she was let go from The X Factor,  a source close to Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom tells exclusively. Turns out, even the Kardashian girls go through tough times once in a while.

Khloe Kardashian: Let Go By Fox
On Feb. 18, the New York Post reported that Fox was bringing back co-host Mario Lopez for another season of The X Factor, but that they would not be asking Khloe to continue her hosting duties. The news is a huge blow to Khloe, who seemed to really enjoy her job outside of the Kardashian reality TV franchise. In a word, she’s devastated.

It was Khloe’s first time as a host of a show, and there were hiccups along the way, but by the end of the season she seemed to hit her stride and get comfortable with her duties. That’s why this will hurt so much.

“She won’t believe it and it will hurt her feelings real bad,” says the source.

Being Let Go Is ‘A Low Blow To Khloe’
Being let go by The X Factor is an unfortunate start to the new year for Khloe, especially in the giant shadow her family casts. Kim Kardashian is obviously on top of the world, happily pregnant and dating one of the biggest rappers on the planet, Kanye West. Meanwhile, Kourtney and Scott Disick have a growing family, while Khloe is still childless. And to make things even worse, her mother just signed a daytime TV show deal with Fox, and her half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s careers have begun to take off.

“She needed a break and X Factor would be the ideal escape for her to get her mind off s**t at home,” the source tells HollywoodLife, “It’s just another blow for Khloe and her ego has to be knocked a bit.”

What do you think? Should Khloe have been let go from The X Factor? Let us know!

UN Condemns N’Korea Nuclear Test

The UN Security Council has promised action against North Korea over its third nuclear test, calling it a clear threat to international security.

At an emergency meeting, the UN said it would begin work on measures to halt the North’s nuclear ambitions, reports the BBC.

The US called the test highly provocative, while China, Pyongyang’s sole key ally, said it was strongly dissatisfied.

Monitors said the test appeared twice as big as the previous test in 2009.

The test took place at the Punggye-ri site in the north-east of the country on Tuesday morning.

A powerful underground explosion was detected at 11:57 (02:57 GMT), followed three hours later by confirmation from North Korea that a test had taken place.

State-run KCNA news agency said the test was “carried out at a high level in a safe and perfect manner using a miniaturised and lighter nuclear device with greater explosive force than previously”.

North Korea said it was a response to the “reckless hostility of the United States”.

Nuclear test monitors in Vienna say the underground explosion had double the force of the last test, in 2009, despite the use of a device said by the North to be smaller.

If a smaller device was indeed tested, analysts said this could take Pyongyang closer to building a warhead small enough to arm a missile.

The UN Security Council met in an emergency session hours after the test. Members unanimously backed a statement calling the North in “grave violation” of UN resolutions.

“In line with this commitment and the gravity of this violation, the members of the Security Council will begin work immediately on appropriate measures in a Security Council resolution,” the council said.

US President Barack Obama and outgoing South Korea President Lee Myung-bak also held telephone talks, pledging to “seek a range of measures aimed at impeding North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs and reducing the risk of proliferation”, a White House statement said.

Outgoing Pentagon chief Leon Panetta called North Korean military ambitions a “serious threat” that America had to be prepared to “deal with”.

China’s Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, meanwhile, summoned North Korea’s ambassador in Beijing to express “firm opposition” to the test, the foreign ministry said.

But in a statement issued late on Tuesday, North Korea appeared far from cowed, promising “second and third tougher measures” if the US did not “admit its mistake and correct it”.

The BBC’s Barbara Plett, at the UN, says that so far isolation and pressure have been met by continued North Korean provocations. There is no sign that another round of sanctions will break that pattern.

Topless women celebrate pope’s resignation in Paris cathedral

Eight feminists flashed their breasts in the heart of Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral on Tuesday to celebrate Pope Benedict XVI’s shock resignation announcement.

The members of the Femen movement entered the Gothic cathedral dressed in long coats which they whipped off inside while ringing three bells near the altar.

“Pope no more!” they cried. “No more homophobe” and “Bye bye Benedict!”

Scandalised visitors voiced their disapproval.

“This is a sacred place, you can’t strip here,” said a Frenchwoman.

The Femen women’s power group has been making headlines since 2010 for topless feminist, pro-democracy and anti-corruption protests in Russia, Ukraine and London.

The protestors were dragged out of the cathedral by security but remained outside for some time shouting “In gay we trust” and “Get out homophobe.”

Nigerian or Canadian may be next pope

LONDON  (AFP) – Francis Arinze of Nigeria, Peter Turkson of Ghana and Marc Ouellet of Canada were among the cardinals hotly tipped by bookmakers on Monday to take over from Pope Benedict XVI.

William Hill bookmakers named 80-year-old Arinze as their favourite to replace the pontiff following Monday’s shock announcement of the pontiff’s resignation with odds of 2-1, followed by Turkson at 5-2.

Coral also tipped Arinze as the likeliest successor with odds of 7-4, followed by Turkson at 2-1 and Ouellet in third place at 5-1.

The bookmaker also offered odds of 8-1 on Archbishop Angelo Scola of Italy and 10-1 on Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras.

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power named Ouellet as the favourite with odds of 5-2, followed by Arinze at 3-1 and Turkson at 4-1.

During the 2005 conclave of the Vatican’s College of Cardinals that elected Benedict, Arinze was considered “papabile,” or a potential successor to the late John Paul II.

“When we opened betting last time around, in 2005, Francis Arinze was our favourite,” a William Hill spokesman told AFP.

“His odds did drift towards the date of the announcement when Joseph Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI) became the favourite, but he remained in the top three.

“Also, when Ratzinger became pope, Arinze took over from him as cardinal bishop of Velletri-Segni (a Catholic diocese close to Rome) — it could be that he’ll follow in his footsteps again.”

A quarter of the cardinals that can elect a new pope are Italian. The last non-Italian pope before Benedict, who is German, and his Polish predecessor John Paul II was Adrian VI, who died in 1523.

Arinze and Turkson, the head of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace who is considered a progressive candidate, are among 18 Africans in the Vatican’s College of Cardinals.

Ouellet, a respected theologian who heads up the world’s bishops and is seen as a “modern conservative”, has also been frequently named in Vatican circles as a possible successor to Benedict.

At the humorous end of the scale, Coral was offering 2000-1 on disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong becoming pope.

Identity Thief makes away with US box office

Identity Thief follows Bateman as he chases a con artist played by McCarthy
Comedy caper Identity Thief, starring Bridesmaids actress Melissa McCarthy, has defied critics and blizzard conditions to top the US box office.

Despite poor reviews, the comedy earned $36.6m (£23m) at the weekend, becoming the biggest release of the year so far.

Last week’s top film, Warm Bodies, fell to number two with $11.5m (£7.3m), while Steven Soderberg’s Side Effects debuted with $10m (£6.3m).

Ticket sales were 45% lower than the same three-day period last year.

On a weekend which saw most of the north-east coast of America buried in snow, Universal Pictures said poor weather conditions had a big impact on cinema attendance for its film, Identity Theft.

“It took such a chunk out of the business. But we can’t control Mother Nature,” said Nikki Rocco, Universal’s head of distribution.

Identity Thief “probably could have hit $40m (£25.4m) if it weren’t for the weather,” he added.

Overall, earnings in the US and Canada were down significantly on the same time last year, when four movies, including a 3D reissue of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, had big openings.

“It’s really tough to live up to a weekend like we had last year, said box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian. “It was sort of a foregone conclusion that this was going to be a down weekend.”

Identity Thief, which stars Jason Bateman as a man chasing down a con artist, played by McCarthy, was panned by critics with review website, Rotten Tomatoes giving it one star and a 24% rating.

Andrew O’Hehir from said the film reached “impressive heights of laziness and idiocy”, while The New York Times’ Manohla Dargis simply stated: “We deserve better movies”.

Others were more forgiving, such as Scott Bowles from USA Today, who argued the film “manages to make off with just enough laughs to work, thanks to the wondrous McCarthy”.

Elsewhere in the chart, the Oscar-nominated Silver Linings Playbook was fourth with $6.9m (£4.4m), while Hansel and Gretel, the special-effects take on the children’s fairy tale was fifth with $5.7m (£3.6m).

A 3D release of Tom Cruise’s 1986 hit Top Gun pulled in $1.9m (£1.2m) at 300 locations.

Pope Benedict XVI resigns due to age and declining health

Pontiff, 85, who has arthritis, says he will step down on 28 February after nearly eight years as head of Catholic church

Pope Benedict XVI resigns. The pontiff admitted: ‘I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited’ to the role’

Pope Benedict XVI surprised the world and left the Catholic church stunned when he said on Monday that he would resign – the first pope to do so since the middle ages.

The move, announced without warning, will take place on 28 February and leave the papacy vacant until a successor is chosen.

A Vatican spokesman said Benedict’s aides were “incredulous” when he told them he would resign because he was too weak to fulfil his duties. He summoned a meeting of cardinals to tell them of “a decision of great importance for the life of the church”.

One of those called to hear the announcement, the Mexican prelate Monsignor Oscar Sanchez, said none of the cardinals had expected it. “The pope took a sheet of paper and read from it. He just said that he was resigning and that he would be finishing on February 28,” he said.

“The cardinals were just looking at one another. Then the pope got to his feet, gave his benediction and left. It was so simple; the simplest thing imaginable. Extraordinary. Nobody expected it. Then we all left in silence. There was absolute silence … and sadness.”

His successor is expected to be elected by the end of March and possibly for the beginning of holy week on 24 March. Benedict will honour public commitments and engagements until the date of his resignation, after which he will move to a summer residence near Rome and then to a former monastery within Vatican territory.

He will take no part in the process to elect a successor Cardinals will meet and vote on nominees in a series of ballots until a new pope is chosen.

Federico Lombardi, a Vatican spokesman, said Benedict, 85, had resigned not because of “difficulties in the papacy” or a specific illness but instead a progressive decline in his strength.

“In the last few months he has seen a decline in vigour, both of the body and spirit,” Lombardi told reporters. “It was his personal decision taken with full freedom, which deserves maximum respect.”

In a statement, Benedict said: “After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry.

“For this reason, and well aware of the seriousness of this act, with full freedom I declare that I renounce the ministry of bishop of Rome, successor of Saint Peter, entrusted to me by the cardinals on 19 April 2005, in such a way that as from 28 February 2013, at 20:00 hours, the See of Rome, the See of Saint Peter, will be vacant and a conclave to elect the new supreme pontiff will have to be convoked by those whose competence it is.”

Benedict, who became the 265th pope in 2005, has arthritis, particularly in his knees, hips and ankles. He had been due to travel to Brazil, the largest Catholic country in the world, in July for a youth festival, but concerns had been raised among Vatican observers about whether he was well enough.

A voluntary papal resignation is rare – certainly in recent centuries. Pope Celestine V exercised his right to abdicate in 1294.
Source: Guardian

‘KKTM’: Kim Kardashian & Bruce Jenner Get Into A Mega Fight

On the Feb. 10 episode of ‘Kourtney & Kim Take Miami’ the entire family is preparing to compete in a boat race, but Kim backs out at the last minute to hang with her man. Do you blame her?
Kim Kardashian wants everyone to know: Kanye West comes first! On the latest episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, Bruce Jenner has a major freak out on Kim when she tells him that she can no longer come to the race. Why? Because Kanye is only in town for one day!

Why Bruce Freaks Out On Kim
Let’s not forget, Bruce is a former Olympian — this guy has a competitive streak. So it’s totally understandable that he wants the fam to take the boat race seriously. But Kim could really care less because Kanye is in town and she wants to see him! So she tells Kris and Bruce in the nicest way possible but he gets very upset.

But then Kim comes back a day later and tells Bruce that she is now able to compete with them, and he bans her from the team! Kim gets revenge by forming her own team but she still loses to Bruce.

The Top 10 Moments From The Episode
1. Bruce freaks out on little Kimmy and bans her from the boat race.

2. Scott flees to Vegas after Bruce gets upset with him for not wanting to be on the team!

3. Kourtney thinks her step brother’s wife is pregnant and tries to trick her into admitting it.

4. Kourtney finds out she’s not pregnant and feels incredibly silly.

5. Kim gets all dolled up to see Kanye — it’s so adorable! She hasn’t seen him in weeks!

6. Kris quits Bruce’s team and joins Kims!

7. Bruce’s team still wins and he won’t let them all live it down!

8. Kim buys her mom a new phone as a bribe to not be upset that she quit the team.

9. Bruce buys Scott a toy boat as an apology for making him feel uncomfortable.

10. The family agrees at dinner that they hope the next Kardashian who gets pregnant is Khloe. Well that obviously doesn’t happen!

Tuen in next Sunday night at 9pm ET to watch the Kardashians talk more and more about babies because that’s all every episode is ever about now!

2013 Grammy Award Winners: Rihanna, Drake & More — Full List

Did your favorite artists take home the gold? See the full list of tonight’s winners (and losers.)

The biggest names in music collided Feb. 10 at the 55th annual Grammy Awards in Hollywood, and while some — like Rihanna and Drake — left victorious, others left the ceremony reeking of defeat. Read on for the full list of winners, which will be updated as the night goes on.

Album Of The Year: Mumford & Sons, Babel

Record Of The Year: Gotye, “Somebody That I Used To Know”

Best New Artist: fun.

Song Of The Year: Fun., “We Are Young”

Best Pop Vocal Album: Kelly Clarkson, Stronger

Best Pop Solo Performance: Adele, “Set Fire To The Rain [Live]“

Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical: Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys)

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: Gotye, featuring Kimbra, “Somebody That I Used To Know”

Best Short Form Music Video: Rihanna, featuring Calvin Harris, “We Found Love”

Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Best Dance Recording: Skrillex, featuring Sirah, “Bangarang”

Best Dance/Electronic Album: Skrillex, Bangarang

Best Rock Performance: The Black Keys, “Lonely Boy”

Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance: Halestorm, “Love Bites (So Do I)”

Best Rock Song: The Black Keys, “Lonely Boy”

Best Rock Album: The Black Keys, El Camino

Best Alternative Music Album: Gotye, Making Mirrors

Best R&B Performance: Usher, “Climax”

Best Traditional R&B Performance: Beyoncé, “Love On Top”

Best R&B Album: Robert Glasper Experiment, Black Radio

Best Rap Performance: Jay-Z & Kanye West, “N****s In Paris”

Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: Kanye West & Jay-Z, featuring Frank Ocean & The-Dream, “No Church In The Wild”

Best Rap Song: Jay-Z & Kanye West, “N****s In Paris”

Best Rap Album: Drake, Take Care

Best Urban Contemporary Album: Frank Ocean, Channel Orange

Best Country Album: Zac Brown Band, Uncaged

Best Country Song: Carrie Underwood, “Blown Away”

Best Country Solo Performance: Carrie Underwood, “Blown Away”

Best Americana Album: Bonnie Raitt, Slipstream

Best Blues Album: Dr. John, Locked Down

Which winners are you thrilled for, and which losers do you think got totally snubbed? Drop a comment with your reactions to tonight’s results!

WATCH: Grammy winners and More

Jennifer Aniston Turns 44 — Happy Birthday

The sexy star looks better than ever, and is celebrating her 44th birthday on Feb. 11! Happy birthday, Jen!
Jennifer Aniston has been through the ringer when it comes to rumors in the tabloids, but nothing can bring the birthday girl down this year! Not only did she get engaged to the love of her life, Justin Theroux, in 2012, but she has also become the new face of Aveeno Skincare. With a wedding on the horizon, and a great new gig, it looks like everything is falling into place for this beauty. However, before she settles down, she has some celebrating to do! As she celebrates her 44th birthday on Feb. 11, we can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for her.

Join us, in wishing Jen a very happy and healthy birthday! You go, girl!

Taylor Lautner Turns 21 — Happy Birthday

As Taylor Lautner celebrates his 21st birthday on Feb. 11, he has a lot to cheers to! From the end of Twilight to a potential new girlfriend, and of course, his delicious abs — Taylor has had quite the year!

He has seen tremendous success with his role as Jacob Black in the Twilight series. The final installment in the franchise, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, was released in November of 2012. The film brought in over $141,000,000 opening weekend, and is partially responsible for boosting Taylor’s net worth to a whopping $40 million, according to Celebrity Holy cow! Time to pop some champagne? We think so!

After wrapping up the Twilight series, Taylor has moved on to new ventures. He’s rumored to have a new girlfriend, LA Clippers cheerleader, Sara Hicks. Ooh la la! The pair were high school sweethearts, and it looks like they may be re-kindling that old flame!

Taylor is also looking forward to the release of his next film, Grown Ups 2,  in July 2013.

With his sexy werewolf days behind him, we can’t wait to see what he does next! Join us as we wish Taylor a very hot ‘n happy 21st birthday!


And there it is, After 19 years…the EAGLES who have been in slumber have woken up, and soared high making Nigeria proud and winning the AFCON in South Africa by 1 – 0. It was an epic final and NIgeria wins. Stephen Keshi becoming the second Africa Player to WIN AFCON as both a Player and a Coach.

YEEPEEE…Its GOLD MEDAL for the boys…and the Eages haff flown again……..

The first half was a game for the Nigerians with 54% possession and a fantastic goal scored by Sunday MBA yet again. IK Uche was in place for the injured Emenike and didn’t look that sharp for the eagles but Moses and Ideye have been the thorn in the BFA half until MBA scored. The Burkina boys couldn’t crack the Eagles defence yet as they couldn’t get a shot on goal with the first 45 minutes.

The second half was more of a 50-50 game…Nigeria missing a lot of chances but in the END…it was NIGERIA WINNING it again.


Yay!!!! Omotola a.k.a Omo Sexy Finally Hit 1M Likes on Facebook following Pastor E.A Adeboye of Redeem Church Closely.

She currently has one million, one hundred and fifteen likes on her Facebook fan page…the highest number of likes for any Nigerian celeb on Facebook. Omotola is truly an Icon!

Omotola comes Second with 1,000,015 after Pastor Adeboye with 1,018,890 Likes.